Creating Consious Connections

Promoting social and emotional well-being for all with a psycho-spiritual blend

Reach In

Intrapersonal connections means connecting with yourself

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Reach Out

Interpersonal connections means connecting with others

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Reach Up

Transpersonal connections means connecting with the Divine, as defined by you.

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Social-Emotional Learning

Creating Conscious Connections has grown out of years of experience as a counselor and as a human being living on the planet.

Your psycho-spiritual journey began the day you were born and continues until the day you die, and, perhaps, beyond. It is the sum of your psychological and spiritual experiences that blend to give you the unique life that you have.  You may or may not have given much thought to any of this.  However, at Creating Conscious Connections, you will find new and old ideas and information about this aspect of humanity.

Creating Conscious Connections means to learn about and explore these connections:

  • REACH IN and connect with yourself
  • REACH OUT and connect with others
  • REACH UP and connect with the divine, as you define it


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