Creating Consious Connections

Promoting social and emotional well-being for all with a psycho-spiritual blend

About Katta Mapes, M.A., M.Ed.

Katta has decades of experience as a bilingual clinician in Tucson, Arizona.  She has been a teacher and guidance counselor for students in grades pre-K to twelve.  For several years she also worked with children and teens from Central American countries.

Using her vast experience and ongoing education in social-emotional learning,  Katta has written two books on this topic that are still quite relevant today:

  • “Stop! Think! Choose! Building Emotional Intelligence in Young People”, Zephyr Press, 2000
  • “A Manual for Teacher Training in Interpersonal Peacemaking”,  Self-published, 1986

Besides consulting, training and writing Katta also volunteers to co-lead student support groups at a local elementary school and to teach life skills to homeless adults at a local shelter.

Her psycho-spiritual journey has been ongoing since childhood when she started to wonder about all of life, the seen and unseen. From there she continues to explore all dimensions of spirituality.

Recently she discovered the fun and enjoyment of learning comedy improv with classes at Tucson Improv Movement.

Katta initiated Creating Conscious Connections L.L.C.  in order to share her wisdom and insights with others. Just for fun she has given herself these titles:

EmoXplorer – this is where she gets to continuously grow and flourish her own emotional intelligence

Your Personal Think Tank and Fountain of Ideas and Information – here Katta shines and allows her creativity, curiosity and intuition to flow with guidance and wisdom to help you

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