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Katta says “Let me be our personal think tank”

Here is what people have to say about her services in consulting, training and writing: Katta Mapes has been a true helper to me in my life. I had been experiencing a traumatic time in my life when I met Katta. Her ability to condense a large body of information and teach it was extremely helpful and so much easier to learn for me.

Beyond that, Katta became an insightful and steady presence while I was going through a court appearance. I was blessed with her goodness when she volunteered to write me a letter to help support my case. Even attending the hearing with me, which was in another city. She cares for me and listens to my needs always coming up with legitimate solutions and sources that greatly assist me in moving forward in what is presenting itself in my life. From cheering me on to write my ideas down because she finds them compelling, to encouraging me to attend a seminar that will expand me in the direction I need to go in. Her talent for finding the right next best thing is a gift! Katta simply loves to be of service to people. She has the built-in ability to quickly manifest wonderfully creative ideas that are truly exceptional! She does this again and again! The situation really does not matter, as she is a skilled listener. A keen observer of what steps would be beneficial to take! She is excellent at research and discovery of resources I never knew existed! She is a kind, intelligent, wise individual that will always do her best in seeing you reach your highest potential!

Norah Dykema, Arkansas, USA

Katta Mapes is a leader and innovator in the field of Social and Emotional Learning in the Tucson community and has been more than a decade. Well before current research bore out the benefits of Mindfulness training in our school classrooms, Katta was leading with this initiative. Well before that, she had written her book on emotional intelligence – Stop! Think! Choose! with the Poster Set on Building Emotional Intelligence in Young People. That poster set of seven perfectly designed posters has been the main backdrop in my counseling office with PK-grade 5 students in my office at Seoul Foreign School and now at Hong Kong International School.

Katta is an educator, counselor and writer to be paid attention to as she delves deeper with each writing into what encourages and builds emotional intelligence.

Annette Faldyn, PsyD, Hong Kong

Katta Mapes has motivated me forward by opening me up the possibilities and allowing me to become unstuck. As a trainer, Katta does not play it safe and stick to the scrip, she goes wherever the audience/clients need to go. As a writer she is thorough and age appropriate. I consider myself lucky to know Katta personally and professionally as she is a good listener and promotes a fountain of ideas for positive movement.

Saul Ostroff, Arizona, USA

There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey. We are forever changed and forever grateful for having met them and for the growth they have helped us to achieve. Katta is one such person in my life.

I have known Katta for most of her life. She has been a mentor, a counselor, and a life coach over the years. She has provided me with insight and wisdom beyond what I was able to see at the time. Katta always senses when I may be stumbling along my path of growth and offers gentle insights that have helped me to clarify the situation. She seems to know exactly the right questions to ask, or offer the tools I need, so that I may clearly see the steps I need to take.

I recently went through a rough break up and loss, where there was much self-doubt, emotional turmoil, and lack of trust in another and myself. I knew I wanted to chart a new path on my life’s journey but knew that I did not have the emotional strength with which to deal with mapping this course. Katta was invaluable in helping me to understand my patterns of response to my circumstances and was able to guide me out of the trauma I was experiencing. Her sincere compassion and care as I opened up parts of myself that I had never shared before helped me to explore the various layers of myself and led to more positive feelings and trust in myself. She offered up a blend of humor, empathy, candor, and authenticity, all of which were invaluable in moving me forward on my new path. Her compassion and wisdom helped me “reset” my life and have been integral to my personal growth and the perseverance I now have to shape my life in positive and authentic ways.

Katta created a space where there was enough room and safety to get in touch with difficult feelings that needed to be acknowledged and honored. It is through the acceptance of my authentic feelings, that I am better able to make choices that support me.

As I reflect on my life, especially these past few years, I am so grateful for Katta’s guiding light.

Liz Mapes, Maine, USA

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